I figured I would enjoy this book and hoped to learn something when I bought it, but even I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much that I read it in basically one sitting.

This book should be a must-read for everyone, especially other white people like me. The book manages to cram so many great points with good examples into just 150ish pages. Each of the topics discussed in the book need to be heard and understood and I’m glad this book covers them each so well while remaining “sweet and to the point.”

DiAngelo does a wonderful job of explaining what racism actually is and how it is always present in some capacity and how we as white people can and should talk about it. The book can certainly be convicting at times, but I think DiAngelo approaches it from a point of trying to point things out and “offend” where needed but also writes without attacking the reader.

I’ve already purchased two other copies for others, and would probably do the same for others that need to read this. The book is very important, especially now as society seems to be backtracking on the progress that has been made regarding racism in the United States.