A nice, clean framework for what Democrats need to do to fix issues that Trump is the result of and not necessarily all caused by Trump. Pfeiffer provides just enough humor to make the darker realities of the book bearable and does a good job of sprinkling in hope throughout, especially ending on a high note.

I recently discovered and have been enjoying Pod Save America and some of the other Crooked Media podcasts, so I’m glad that Pfeiffer’s personality caries over well in the book. The podcasts, and this book, do a good job of diving into the actual politics of how things work while also highlighting the gravity of some of the issues.

Like I enjoyed the window into the White House that Michelle Obama’s Becoming provided, this also has a similar result because Pfieffer served in the Obama White House and has an extensive history in politics with plenty of experience to speak/write from.

For Democrats, this provides a plan to get what they want to achieve, but I also think this can be a worthwhile read for Republicans to maybe realize some of the danger of taking some policies too far and the lasting damage that Trump’s GOP can have on America.