As I read this book, I kept going back and forth on if I liked it, or didn’t like it. After finishing, I think it is overall a good read, but because there are many points where I had my doubts, I can’t give it too good of a score.

The short chapters are nice to cover a lot of ground, but there were several chapters where I wish Young would have expanded on his thoughts a little more and found myself wishing the chapter was longer.

Personally, there was a nice balance of “lies” that were actually revealed or brought up for the first time in my view as well as some that I’m glad I’ve had the chance to learn from others in the past. I’d hope that not many people reading this book see the entire thing as a complete revelation, but I also hope and imagine that almost everyone will learn a new perspective on the lies that Young addresses.

Overall, I wasn’t a massive fan of the book, but I finished it wanting to read more from Young and continue to read his thoughts. He has a very interesting view on several theological points, and some were even views or topics I’d never heard discussed.

It’s hard to decide who I’d recommend this book for, but I think it’s easier to recommend because it does cover a lot of different topics without spending too much time on any of them. As I mentioned, there were a few that I wish there was more depth on, but that also just prompts me to read more from Young and seek out other deeper analysis of those topics from others.