I really didn’t like this book as it came across as too obvious for me. However for those very unfamiliar with personal finance, it can be a good start, which is why I assume it was recommended by so many of the podcasts I listen too.

The book’s research is based on pretty old data and the projections don’t hold up. The basis is that the truly wealthy people in America aren’t always the ones living in huge houses, driving luxury cars, and wearing nice suits. I thought that was obvious, but maybe it’s not for everyone.

There are some good points on building wealth which I think everyone can enjoy, but I feel like those topics are better covered in other places.

Like I said, I didn’t like this book, but if you want a nice introduction to good habits to building real wealth, I guess this is a good book to read. I hope to find better books to recommend for this category as the year goes on.