I thought this book was a perfect combination of personal finance advice while also explaining the details behind how certain investment vehicles like mutual funds and bonds actually work.

This book was very easy to read and laid out a simple path, literally, with plenty of reasoning and explanation along the way. The book does a great job of giving a good amount of information about each of the topics needed to understand financial independence but does so in a more “this is how I did it, but not how everyone has to do it” kind of way.

It’s also nice when someone can explain the path to financial independence without referencing a pretty “easy” path with inherited wealth and high paying jobs. This book also doesn’t take the other extreme and lay out a way to be extremely frugal and retire by 30, although it still talks about the ways to do that.

I’m about to read a few other personal finance books since that seems to be the “mood” I’m in right now, but as of now, this is the first book I’d recommend for anyone on the topic.