This book provides helpful strategies for taking on all types of crucial conversations from important talks with a partner, discussions with managers at work, or tense interactions with children. The book aims to provide tools to better handle these conversations and therefore get more out of them and be better off in business and everyday life.

The examples that the book uses seemed to be a little too scripted for me, but I still feel like the strategies that are presented in the book could easily be applied and provide benefit. The examples just make it easy to see when to use which method and how multiple methods can be used in certain situations and how many situations call for these methods.

Overall, I found the book a little dry, but that could be because I had already partially read it and gone over the topics as a portion of my MBA program.

The book ends with a good summary and provides even more examples once all of the different strategies have been covered, which makes it a nice way to wrap up all that the authors intended the reader to gather and use.

I appreciate how general the book and its strategies are, because they can be useful in all kinds of conversations, especially in our modern climate where even basic discussions tend to become “crucial” and people tend to be more hostile when entering conversations with other on many different subjects.