This book delivered almost exactly what I was looking for in my first read of the new year. It’s another book that does a good job of giving simple, practical ways of thinking to make small but impactful improvements on your life.

The title matches the name of the simple principle that is carried throughout the book. Despite being about such a seemingly simple concept, the author does a good job of giving many different examples of The Slight Edge at work and finds ways to tie it into other habits and ways of becoming better and pursuing a better chance of success than others.

I really appreciated that this book continued to emphasize how important consistency is compared to just doing a lot. When you focus on doing a little bit every day, it can be much more transformative than even doing a lot one day a week and then just backing off the rest of the time.

It was a little funny reading this book and having the author constantly mention how much he liked Think and Grow Rich right after I spent a few months on the book and still couldn’t make myself finish it. Maybe I’ll go back and read that book again after hearing more praise for it, but for now, I’m still sticking with my original review for it.