I’ve had this book for awhile and decided to finally get to it in hopes that I would get some of my motivation back in the middle of quarantine. I’d say the book accomplished this and was an overall good read. From the beginning, Clear acknowledges that he is building on Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit and I think it does a lot to achieve that goal.

This book focuses more on how to maintain habits and what are good strategies to more easily start habits as well as “tricks” to keep them going. I also enjoy that this book not only addresses starting and keeping good habits, but also shows where similar strategies can be used to quit bad habits as well.

Personally, I think I still enjoyed the more “science-y” approach that The Power of Habit provides, but I think this is something I would recommend for more people. Both books are good, and while this one technically builds on the other, I think it would be a better first book for most people. Then if you really want to get into more detail, The Power of Habit is an excellent read as well.