I had my reservations about reading this book after it being recommended several times over the years. I have tried to get into what Tim Ferriss has to talk about by trying out his podcast, listening to him on other podcasts, and reading bits and pieces about him.

Ultimately, this book confirmed a lot of the doubts and reservations I had about him and his “methods.” There are some valuable things to take away from this book, and honestly, his reading strategies to read more efficiently helped me get through this book and I imagine I will continue to use the strategy on books in the future.

A lot of the things that Ferriss credits to his extreme productivity hacks seem like they’re either dated and not as attainable in today’s workforce/economy, or are only ever available with a bit of luck landing your way.

Maybe Ferriss just has way more skill and productivity than the average person, but I also think the reason that he can spend almost all of his time on “vacation” also has a lot to do with living off of a pretty successful company and then large revenues from highly successful books.

This was another book that just felt like it kept going on and on without adding a lot of new, useful information towards the end. I finally read this book because I wanted to understand his way of thinking better and see if I had misjudged his ideas based on the avenues that I had already heard/read about. However, the book ended up becoming so hard to read and finish that it had the opposite effect and kind of threw off my habits of reading and enjoying the books I read that had been building throughout the year.

I won’t knock this book because I’ve heard enough people praise it that it might be good for others, but it just wasn’t for me and I found it hard to enjoy.

Your mileage may vary.