I really enjoyed this book because it was simply a short view into the experiences of a Black woman as she grew up in school, at work, and in the church. Austin Channing Brown shares her experiences and thoughts on the things going on around her and how they are connected to other past events and patterns of racism.

Throughout the book, I kept seeing myself on the other side of situations she writes about. I’d like to think that I wasn’t awful in high school or earlier in life, but this book certainly points out lots of small things that I did and I know I witnessed in school and even in the workplace that make life even harder for Black people, especially when in situations where they are surrounded by all or mostly white people.

Like White Fragility, this book was short and easy to read, so much so that I also finished it in basically one sitting. I also found that a lot of the same lessons are taught, but this book covers them mostly as stories of Brown’s experiences as well as the thoughts she had during them and the reflections she has taken from them and a lifetime of similar instances.

I think this book would be great for people that have not been fortunate enough to be surrounded by close Black friends, coworkers, or church members who can share their unique insight into their experiences as a Black person in those areas. I certainly believe hearing more experiences, especially from those that are not like me, always offers the opportunity to learn and gain a better perspective, and this book did just that.

This is a great book for people to get started because it’s so short, very well written, and easy to read because it’s just one big collection of firsthand stories and experiences.