Layla Saad wrote this book based on an Instagram series of the same name. Because of this, the book is set as a 28 day guide for discussing many different aspects of white supremacy. The book has a nice progression of white supremacist ideas from those that make the foundation and then working to ideas that build on those and make up more “advanced” topics and thoughts that should be constantly considered when moving forward with a life of anti-racism and allyship.

I appreciate that the book covers so many different aspects of white supremacy, but also wish the book would go into more detail on each topic. There is plenty of information in each day/chapter, and understand why it is the way it is because it stems from an Instagram series, but I just personally wish that the book went a little more in depth on each topic.

However, I appreciate the many specific topics that it does cover and think that it makes a great book for people getting started to read in order to get a great base of knowledge in many different areas at once.

I did not read the book over the course of 28 days, but think that it would be a great exercise for those trying to dip their feet in and understand more about white supremacy and racism. The prompts at the end of each chapter offer a nice opportunity to self-reflect on times when you yourself have played into white supremacist ideas or hidden from the chance to put a stop to them.

This book can be very convicting because it covers so many issues and instances that I and other white people probably are very familiar with, but that’s what makes it a very important read. I hope that this is one of the first book that people trying to jump in and read, along with White Fragility. Like White Fragility this book is “easy” to read, but can be hard to take to heart, but that makes it very powerful in the fight against racism and combating white supremacy.