This book does a good job of motivating people to start making smart personal finance decisions, but it does so by being pretty repetitive and driving home the impact of compounding. I think it is very valuable that it shows example of how all the little changes can make a big difference in wealth over time, especially when the changes are made early. I just feel the book hammers home the point a little too much when it’s pretty easy to understand that saving $5 on coffee every day is also the same as cutting back on other monthly expenses.

That being said, the specific examples of “saving this much now will make you this much later” really makes this book serve as a good motivator. I enjoyed The Simple Path to Wealth more overall and still think it covers more bases in a more usable way, but this does go into a little more detail and has the motivation factor going for it.

The title alone sounds overzealous, but while it’s not possible for everyone, the book does show how almost anyone can achieve an abnormal early retirement if the right sacrifices are made before it’s too late.