Choose FI has been one of my favorite personal finance podcasts, and this book does a good job of brining the value of the podcast to a single book. Brad and Jonathan use the podcast to feature many different examples and people from the personal finance community to share their knowledge and things they’ve done well. This book does almost the same thing and does a great job of pulling several resources into one book.

Reading this book led me to add even more books to my growing list and even covered topics and books that I’ve already read. I appreciate the approach this book takes to be a single resource that touches on just about everything that needs to be mentioned in personal finance and the pursuit of financial independence, but stays at a high level and refers other books, blogs, and podcasts to seek out to go further into detail.

The way that topics and chapters in this book were ordered is also very well done. I like that they emphasized saving first, earning more next, and then finally how to invest better. I agree that each area is important to financial independence and I think they got the order right. Financial independent is hard to achieve without all three, but each of the three builds on the other areas.

Lastly, the book does a nice job of contrasting the “normal path” to retirement with the path to early retirement and financial independence. Like The Simple Path to Wealth this book does a good job of dispelling a lot of the myths that people believe, causing them to think financial independence is much harder for a normal person to achieve.

My only real complaints for this book is that is relies on referencing other resources a little too much. It certainly covers a lot of useful information in one place, and I’m glad that I now know other resources to check out in the future, but I wish this book went a little deeper into some of the topics before just mentioning the blog, book, or podcast that they were getting the topics and ideas from.